Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where To Buy MamAmor Dolls?

MamAmor Dolls are LOVED so much around the world, that many businesses  

have them now available in your community!

Support local businesses, 

buy your MamAmor close to you.


*Lewlewbelle Woven Wraps:

*Capers Bookstore:

*Geppetto's Workshop


*Birth Source

*Tiny Footprint Toys

*Babes in Arms



*Twist of Fate Yarns


*Raquel Aldeano-Besana

United States

* Mother Baby Naturals

*The Glass Baby Bottle

* Twisted Fae Fibre and Baby Works

*Tree of Life~ Christie Bosiljevac

For information about MamAmor's Wholesale Program, visit our page HERE.

Thank you!

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