The Evolution of MamAmor Dolls - Part II

The first public appearance of a MamAmor Doll was in 2008 at an Attachment Parenting Conference held in Edmonton, AB. I was surprised and pleased with how well the dolls were received and with how sales and orders went on that very first time!

I will always remember and appreciate the first generation of MamAmor dolls’ owners, their support and encouragement was crucial to getting were MamAmor Dolls is right now. Thank you!

Soon after, I opened an Etsy shop and more sales and orders started to come. I needed help, and after a few months, a great team of mama helpers was formed, all working hard to create more and best birthing and nursing mamas.

New fabrics, new clothes’ styles, new fillings, different faces and hair styles were tested and tried, and sales continued to grow and grow.

By 2010, MamAmor Dolls had her own website!

Our Facebook page started to gain
more and more fans and the Media started to sho
w a lot of interest in our special mamas!

The first VBAC
MamAmor was also created in 2010 and many new accessories were included with this new generation of MamAmor Dolls.

So far, 2011 has brought many new MamAmor owners around the world, and we are hoping for more and more to join our little and loving community in the next years to come. Find the Shop and take your own MamAmor Doll home!


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