The Evolution of MamAmor Dolls - Part I

Did you know that MamAmor Dolls were born almost 4 years ago...and almost by accident?

It was while expecting my third child, and while taking a Doula training course, when my trainer showed me a birthing doll.

I immediately thought brilliant! I will make one for my kids so I can prepare them better for the birth!...It was the perfect toy, at the perfect time!

Since I had done some sewing and stuffed animals in the past, I felt confident that I was going to make a great birthing doll, but it wasn't that easy!

The first doll was small, light and it looked more like a test doll. I put some hair on her but I didn't put eyes as I realized that I wanted something different. My kids didn't think they put a blue face on her!

I looked for patterns on the internet and I took some books about dolls from the library, but didn't find anything close to what I had envisioned. Then, I decided that I would put all that together and make my own and very unique birthing and breastfeeding doll!

A second doll was created...the very first MamAmor Doll!

She was tall, thin and pale, and able to give birth and breastfeed her newborn baby, which was exactly what I wanted! My kids welcomed her with a lot of love and enthusiasm, and my friends and family were so fascinated with the concept that stated to suggest that I should make a few more mamas and try to sell them.

I felt very supported and encouraged to do so... and the first generation of MamAmor Dolls was created!

...And the adventure began!


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