Featured!... and another Doll Giveaway!

Another Doll Giveaway is on the way! This time is only for people living in Canada and the deadline is May 31rst. Thanks to Tracey from Birth Source for the Mompreneur featuring! Check Birth Source Inc. to read the newsletter and for details on how to enter!

MamAmor will be in Red Deer next weekend- May 8th and 9th- for the Celebrating Mothers La Leche League Conference Looking forward to showing off my lovely dolls! Working on making more.... it has been a challenge to keep up with my stock!

Thank you for all the Mother's Day orders! I look forward to completing all of them in the next few weeks! I've never been so busy!!!


laffingdukk said…
I hope I win! I love your doll, if I get to pick my own doll i want twin babies :-) and/or a traditional Eastern European Jewish outfit :-)

May the best person win!

Deana "Dina" Truman

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